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 D.I.V.A. The Book 

Developing the D.I.V.A. (Divinely Inspired Virtuous Asset) in You!, is a book for women of all cultures.  Dr. Terri Smith-Little includes her own life experiences and personal testimony, backed by scriptures, as she demonstrates the faithfulness of God. 

This book is divided into four sections called impartations.  Beginning with Divinely, women are taught about the emotional baggage they carry, how it entered their life and how to get rid of it.  They are also taught how the physical differences between men and women are founded in God’s master design and how He originally intended women to use their differences to give birth and nurture all of mankind.

The second impartation is Inspired.  For women to be inspired by God means to allow Him to go in and draw forth the destiny He originally placed in them.  Women are taught how to allow God to change their way of thinking about themselves making them stronger and emotionally healthier.

The third impartation, Virtuous, teaches that contrary to popular belief women should never be expected to be super-women.  They are taught how to see and appreciate themselves for who God created them to be.  Also how desirable they are and how significant God’s call is on their life regardless if they are a state senator or housewife every anointing is needed.

The fourth impartation, Asset, teaches women how they are an asset to God, themselves, their families and communities.  From a practical standpoint, women learn how to conquer the enemy of their soul and use their words to create a new life for themselves.

In her own distinctive way Dr. Terri Smith’s humor, transparency and prophetic call lifts women up from where they currently are and places them on the pathway to their destiny.  

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